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Automated scanner to predict intraday trends for short-term trades

5 minutes after market open, these scanners will alert users of stocks that are expected to downtrend or uptrend for the rest of the day.

Meet Trading Legend, Martin Zweig

The eccentric $600 million dollar man, Martin Zweig, was a world-renowned trader and investor. He was known for being an incredibly strong capital allocator and for owning one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in the United States, the top floor of The Pierre, on 5th Avenue, in New York City.

Figure 1: Martin Zweig, famous trader and investor

Oh, yea, he also wrote Winning on Wall Street, a comprehensive book on how to know when to be fully invested in the market (aka get filthy rich by trading stocks).

He has one famous quote in particular that we traders take to heart:

The trend is your friend.
— Martin Zweig

Well, Mr. Zweig, we have created a fully automated scanner to predict intraday trends within the first 5 minutes of the market opening.

Automated scanners to predict intraday TRENDS

ScaleTrade, an upstart trading technology company attempting to launch the most ambitious trading project in the world, recently published their Open High and Open Low scanners.

How does it work?

The scanners monitor large-cap stocks at the market open, noting their opening price. After the first 5-minute candle has formed following, if the stock’s opening price was the high for the first 5-minute candle, it is predicted to be a downtrend. If the opening price was the low for the opening 5-minute candle, it is predicted to be in an uptrend.

Alerts are then sent into the ScaleTrade Discord server indicating which large-cap stocks should uptrend or downtrend through the rest of the day.

Downtrend Calculation: Opening price = high of 1st 5-minute candle

Uptrend Calculation: Opening price = low of 1st 5-minute candle

Is it really that easy? Actually… yea!

For example, below is a ScaleTrade alert for McDonald’s stock (Ticker: MCD) with an opening price equal to the high of the first 5-minute candle, and it downtrended smoothly throughout the rest of the day.

Figure 2: MCD stock being alerted as a potential downtrending stock

How does this make me money?

ScaleTrade, the developer of this trend prediction tool, has also created a trading algorithm based on quantitative strategies.

When pairing ScaleTrade’s algorithm with this trend prediction tool, here’s one way someone could potentially trade a stock that is expected to downtrend (aka has an opening price equal to the lowest price of the opening 5-minute candle).

*Disclaimer: not financial advice 😉*

  1. Go long at the first 5-minute candle
  2. Enter a stop loss at the low
  3. The setup is invalidated if the SL is hit first before the first entry. Then don’t take the trade.

Why this tool is FREE (and how to get it)

To get access to this tool, join the Project ScaleTrade Discord server with this link here!

At ScaleTrade, we’re building a community of Traders that informs our team of Engineers/Co-founders which trading tools to build to give retail traders an edge.

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