Breaking down objections to trading algorithms

Why would we sell a trading algorithm if it works so well? Read this to find out.

Who runs Wall Street?

A “quant” is the person who builds the trading algorithms used by Wall Street. Algorithmic trading now makes up over 70% of all trading volume.

Therefore, these guys basically RUN the stock market.

As mentioned in my last article, the average quantitative developer on Wall Street makes $441,764 per year, according to Comparably.

They usually have something like a degree in mathematics or an extensive background in CS or data science.

Why not level the playing field?

One reason is NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) that prevent quants from simply leaving their firms and replicating the algorithms they built.

But I already told you the main reason: They’re simply getting paid too much.

Why take the entrepreneurial risks of building algorithms “for the people” when you could safely secure a $400k/year job?

The chosen one(s) 🙌

I figured there HAD to be someone out there who would want to work for the little guy instead of the big guys — someone who had the specialized industry knowledge but would rather work on something greater than himself than collect a big salary.

I searched all over the internet, all across the message boards, for months.

Then, I found someone.

I partnered up with Conor and Andre, a quantitative developer who’s worked with multi-billion dollar firms and a data scientist and AI/ML engineer who’s worked for Fortune 100 companies, respectively.

Conor and Andre have both worked for the institutions, and now they want to work with us.

It took some convincing, but after a few months of development, we are prepared to bring our quantitative trading algorithm, ScaleTrade, to the public.

The “magical” solution that’s too good to be true

ScaleTrade is a trading algorithm based on math and statistics that tells you exactly when to buy, sell, and even short specific stocks.

Conor, Andre, and I are retail traders ourselves, and we’ve all been pitched the magic algorithm that promises 10x returns in 1 week!! Let’s gooooo!!

While ScaleTrade tries to set more realistic expectations, we know there is always hesitancy and rejection when we offer our services…

Here are the most common objections and questions WE usually get when pitching ScaleTrade

Why not just start a fund?

We’ve had high-net-worth individuals approach us, but we’re naive. We want to be “different”! Haha, on a serious note, we’re young enough to where we can take big shots and swing for the fences. We’d rather try to usher in a NEW era for retail trading through a platform like ScaleTrade than start another fund.

Why not just keep it for yourself?

We do! We use it ourselves, and it works so well that we want to share it with the rest of you.

How is this different?

Other algorithms available to traders like us are built entirely on top of existing TradingView indicators, not coded from scratch. Companies will smash together 3 moving averages, call it an “algorithm”, and sell it to you. We build our own proprietary algorithms from scratch using code, mathematics, and statistics, which means we bring a completely new edge to your trading strategies.

What's in it for me? And what do I have to lose?

What’s in it for you is profits.

And, we offer a Cheater’s Guarantee: You either feel like you’re cheating when using ScaleTrade because trading becomes so easy, or we’ll give your money back. No risk for you.

We’ll also set up a 30-minute call once you’re onboarded to walk you through how to use ScaleTrade to its fullest potential. And we’ll check in with you 1 week and 30 days into your membership to make sure you’re satisfied.

Finally, we’ll even offer you 20% OFF your first month for reading this article. Keep reading to get the coupon code!

How do I know this is real?

We have several testimonials and 5.0-star reviews on Google and Trustpilot, and we’ve already had over 100 people use ScaleTrade.

If it works so well, why do you sell it?

Two reasons: One is about money and one is about the change we can create.

First, if you had a tool that you knew could potentially revolutionize the playing field for retail traders versus Wall Street, would you not want to share that with the world? We are retail traders just like you, and we’ve seen how manipulative and simply unfair the market can be for people like us. This is our shot to make a difference.

Second, if you had a trading strategy that you knew worked well, wouldn’t you want to put more money into it? Well, we want to be able to put more of our money into ScaleTrade, and selling it as a service allows us to put more money into the algorithm that we’re selling. It’s a win-win. The public gets access at a reasonable price, and we get to continue to invest in the strategy.

Why now?

Well, Conor, Andre, and I weren’t connected with each other until March 2022. And once we met each other, we started working on it right away since then!

Why should I trust you?

We don’t expect you to trust us right away. That’s why we offer that guarantee.

How does it work?

Our algorithm identifies trade opportunities and sends those trade signals to our members via Discord. This means you’ll also be able to get trade alerts on your mobile phone while you’re on the go! No more need to stay strapped to your desk.

How do I get started?

Get started by going to our website,, and picking a subscription plan. (Btw you get 20% OFF, keep reading)

Just for reading this far, make sure to apply code "BLOGPOWER20" for 20% OFF your first month with our Monthly plan.

And remember, we have a Cheater's Guarantee: if you don't feel like you're cheating when using ScaleTrade, tell us and we'll refund you.

Once you subscribe, join our Discord and we’ll get you set up within minutes! We have an onboarding series and I’ll be personally reaching out to you to help you get situated.