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Introducing the Gap Tool

The Gap Tool identifies unusually volatile large cap stocks that have gapped up/down by more than 1.0% pre-market.

What is the Gap Tool?

Scanners are great, but sometimes they can be inconvenient because:

  1. They can find setups but they take a long time to look through.
  2. They aren’t pushed to you as an alert or notification, you have to monitor them yourself.
  3. They’re often not on the same screen as the chart of the stock you’re looking for, so they’re out of context.

This tool takes all the great parts of a scanner (i.e. helping you find profitable trades) and eliminates the inconveniences too.

The Gap Tool identifies unusually volatile large cap stocks that have gapped up/down by more than 1.0% pre-market. It then pushes alerts to your phone and laptop as a Discord message accompanied by a screenshot of the chart at the instant of the alert and a link to the chart on TradingView (Figure 1).

Figure 1: ScaleTrade’s Gap Tool alerting for CVX

Let’s take a closer look at the criteria for an alert to be triggered:

  1. We scan over 100 large cap stocks
  2. Its daily Average True Range (ATR) must be higher than its 14-day ATR; aka it’s unusually volatile relative to its past behavior. This ensures we’re not just sending the same 5 volatile large caps every day!
  3. It has a gap larger than 1.0% in either direction. The gap is calculated as GAP = (market_open — prior_market_close) / prior_market_close
  4. It is a gap that has formed overnight and is still in effect during pre-market and at market open
Figure 2: Gap Tool Criteria

So what?

This tool will hopefully help identify potential gap trades. What’s that?

Gaps in a stock chart occur when the price of a stock moves suddenly up or down, usually in response to news outside of market hours. In some cases, these gaps don’t last — rather, they’re “filled” as trading action brings the price back towards the previous close. These gap fills present opportunities for trading. (Center Point Securities)

TL;DR although gaps don’t always fill right away, they often do. Thus, they can be high-probability trades to start off the day.

The best part is that this tool is completely free. Just join ScaleTrade’s free Discord server here to get access.

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