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Top Movers Alert System

Our newest tool helps you front-run the news and get in early on some of the biggest swings of the day.

This is the most valuable day trading tool I’ve built yet…

Using real-time data to front-run major news events

If you entered $TSLA (Tesla) just minutes before mainstream media pushed the headline “Elon Musk to take TSLA private at $420” you could have made one of the best trades of your life.

Elon Musk said on Twitter today that he is “considering” taking Tesla private “at $420,” and that he has secured the funding to do so … Tesla shares opened just below $344 today … An hour after Musk’s initial tweet, trading of Tesla shares was halted. They resumed again about two hours later, with its stock briefly soaring past $380. — The Verge

I know a trader who got in seconds before headlines flooded the internet and algorithmic trading headline scanners pumped the stock into oblivion.

Figure 1: Traders watching TSLA pump on Elon’s tweet

He said it was one of the best trades he ever made.

It was a matter of minutes that made the difference between a massive trade and picking up pennies in front of a steam roller.

How did he know when to buy? How did he seemingly front-run the news headlines? It was all thanks to a tool that costs thousands of dollars per year that alerted him of high-volume, high-volatility moves in real-time.

At ScaleTrade, we decided to build a similar tool for free…
And it freakin works.

Introducing: the Top Movers alert system

How does it work?

We asked professional traders: “What are the tell-tale signs that someone knows something, but the news hasn’t hit the headline yet?”

The professional trader listed out a few criteria:

  1. Volume spikes within a short 1-minute or 5-minute timeframe
  2. Relative Volume (RVol) is higher greater than 1, meaning the stock is more volatile than usual relative to itself

“Okay, and for these news-related trades, what’s a good search criterion to scan through?”

  1. It needs to have enough liquidity to allow you to get in and out with relative ease. That’s usually going to be companies with $1B+ market caps or 500,000 in daily volume.

Boom. That’s the criteria for our new Top Movers scanner. We now have a tool that constantly scans the entire market for stocks with unusual volatility and massive volume spikes within a 5-minute timeframe.

Does it work? (Spoiler alert: yes, it is awesome)

Figure 2: Our Top Mover triggers an alert for WAL

As you probably guessed, the week of bank collapses was a HUGE week for news-related trades. And, our shiny new tool was absolutely unfair.

Figure 3: ScaleTrade member using the Top Movers tool

In the image above, we see WAL jumping 158% after being alerted by the Top Movers scanner.

We haven’t released this tool to the public yet, since we’re still testing internally. But, you can join our FREE Discord, Project ScaleTrade, to be notified when it drops. Inside that free Discord is all the other tools we’ve built so far.

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